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I was born in 1980 and learned to walk in the sand at my father’s beach concession, spent every summer of my childhood and as a teenager on the beach, three whole months of beach a year. It was in 1985 that I had the first experience with a surfboard, it belonged to Martin the lifeguard who worked for my father. Since then I never stop surfing.


As I grew up and traveled around the world, I realized that the lack of someone who had given me technical tips conditioned my surfing a lot, I was limited in certain aspects that later became “bad habits”, poorly made moves.


It was this lack of monitoring that led me to invest in academic skills in order to become a Surf Coach and to be able to help those who want to improve and evolve their surf, so that they can make the most out of a wave, every surf session.


I went to Cornwall College where I studied Surf Science and Technology; Level I and II Surf Coach on the Portuguese Surfing Federation and a Postgraduate in Sports training with specialisation in Surfing in the FMH (Faculty of Human Motricity). Since then I have been helping athletes from the first contact with the sea all the way to professionalism, such as Luís Perloiro and the development of Teresa Bonvalot, follow-up already formed athletes such as Tomás Fernandes, Jácome Correia, Nic Von Rupp, Vasco Ribeiro and others.


Kike Surf Coach is meant to be your surf Coach, the surf coach you need.


From anywhere in the world you can consult Kike Surf Coach through the Video Analysis option, a dynamic and practical accompaniment using the latest technology to help you better understand the points you need to work and how you can do it. You can also get in direct contact  and schedule a training session on the beach. Stages anywhere in the world and trips to sites with waves specific to your evolution can be marked in Kike Surf Coach, your Surf Coach.