Training Camp - KIKE SURF COACH
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When you surfing on your regular spots, mixing up the surf with the daily life (work, kids, school etc) evolution has to fit in your agenda, some weeks you can manage to surf and feel you made some progress, others not so much, making your surfing inconsistent. When swell arrives you may not feel “fit” or “confident” enough to step out of your comfort zone.

I developed The Training Camp program based on 15 years working with top athletes from different nationalities and age groups. I found out that The Training Camp Program accelerated their evolution, the aftermath of every training camp was very positive in terms of progress and growth. Now I bring the Program to every surfer, competidor or not.

The structure is based on surf / feedback / and video analysis twice a day for a week. The intensity of the Camp will leave little room for overthinking and you can focus on the surf, on your body and connect with the ocean in a better way. For a week the only thing you will be doing is “surf, eat, sleep” and repeat.

The Training Camp Program will help you build up your self-confidence and bring the best surfer out of you.